CleanTech OC Daily - 8/3/12

Friday, August 3, 2012

Leading the way in the plug-in vehicle charger market across America, ECOtality may now have to start charging for the commercial-scale rollout of its technology. Don Karner, president of ECOtality North America, said this week that the company will release new pricing and access fees this summer. The basic idea will revolve around different membership levels and charge higher prices for non-members.

In a report published this week, Facebook revealed the carbon footprint of its operations and users. The data showed that Facebook’s carbon emissions are a fraction of those of rival Google. The report also detailed the energy sources that powers its data centers - 27% from coal power and the remaining from renewable sources.

Wind turbines specifically designed for urban environments haven been added to the green achievements of the London Olympic games. Provided by British wind turbine manufacturer Quiet Revolution, the 18-metre tall turbines have an 8kW capacity and are capable of providing up to 7,500 kWh of power a year. The turbines are expected to pay for themselves within 12 years.

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