CleanTech OC Daily - 8/1/12

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

India faces worst blackout as grids collapse hits 20states
Earlier this week three electricity grids connecting more than 20 states and India's national capital collapsed which triggered a major power crisis across the country. No official reason was given for the failure but sources said the trouble started in the Eastern Grid. The blackout was an opportunity to lash out at the government over their failure to prevent the power crisis.

Using commercially available equipment from Panasonic, Solar3D has completed a successful fabrication of a preliminary prototype of its 3D solar cell technology. Solar3D’s design, which maximizes the conversion of sunlight into electricity, is a single-wafer silicon solar cell based on a 3-dimensional design with two very powerful and unique features: high conversion efficiency and wide-angle light collection.

Third-party solar financier Borrego Solar has just announced their own $65 million fund for corporate, education and municipal customers with backing from U.S. Bank and National Cooperative Bank. This recent announcement follows a $47 million round Borrego completed late last year with U.S. Bank and East West Bank. Given the positive results for the solar industry, third-party financing may catch on in for other energy services like solar hot water.

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