CleanTech OC Daily - 8/30/12

Thursday, August 30, 2012

After a decade of development by DyeCoo Textile Systems, Adidas and Nike have introduced a new way of dyeing clothes with carbon dioxide instead of water - DryDye. This potentially revolutionary technique could save time, energy, and billions of gallons of water each year.

In order to take the hassle out of electric vehicle charging, wireless charging is a simple but effective alternative to plug-in charging stations. Wireless Electric Vehicle Charging (WEVC), the next logical step for EVs, is designed to eliminate charging stations and unnecessary cables.

According to the Energy Information Administration, since President Obama took office, non-hydro renewable electricity generation has nearly doubled, reaching 5.75 percent of net electricity. Prior to Obama taking office, non-hydro resources like solar, wind, geothermal, and biomass represented just over 3% of generation – today that number is near 6%.

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