CleanTech OC Daily - 8/21/12

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

New Salt-Based Battery Could Make Grid-Scale Storage Affordable
A recent large-scale battery technology breakthrough by researchers at Murdoch University may be able to solve lacking power generation systems and enable affordable grid-scale energy storage. The technology revolves around a water-based sodium-ion battery that has the potential to be an affordable, low-temperature storage option.

PACE, a popular clean energy finance program for homeowners, can be revived due to a recent legal victory. Before the September 13 deadline, supporters of energy efficiency and solar power can voice their support to the Obama administration to bring back the program.

Over the weekend Fisker Automotive announced a recall of a cooling fan unit in its Karma car that caused a fire earlier this month. The recall includes replacing the cooling fan and installing an additional fuse “for added protection.” The company says that the recall campaign “is not expected to have a material financial impact on Fisker.”

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