CleanTech OC Daily - 8/17/12

Friday, August 17, 2012

In Fuel Cells, Some Hope for Urban Sanitation
In order to keep up with the human influx and the waste that people produce, a team of engineers have developed a new tool to solve some basic sanitation problems - fuel cells that harness microbes to clean wastewater while producing their own power. A working model has been created and, if scaled up, the technology could outpace the digesters that many treatment plants currently use to extract energy from wastewater.

Fisker needs more money, could attempt IPO next year (seriously)
According to reports by Dow Jones Venture Wire, and Reuters, Fisker is seeking another $150 million, in addition to the $1 billion it’s already raised, from private equity investors. Funding is needed to develop the next car and to eventually break even. Furthermore, if the market feels right, Fisker could attempt an IPO in 2013.

Energy Issues Could Be Critical In The Battleground States
Clean energy advocates believe that energy issues could play a role in crucial swing states, like Iowa. A recent Wall Street Journal/NBC election poll found that few voters are undecided about their choice for president which means the fight for swing states will be be touch one.

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