CleanTech OC Daily - 8/15/12

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The Division of Ratepayer Advocates says Southern California Edison and San Diego Gas & Electric shouldn't be allowed to collect revenue from consumers for a non-operational San Onofre power plant (the plant has been down since 1/31). Edison, the plant's operator, is charging ratepayers about $54 million per month for a non-producing plant.

Fisker recently announced a new CEO, Tony Posawatz, a former Volt executive. The former CEO, Tom LaSorda, who only came on board about 6 months ago, won’t stay on in an executive role, but will help advise the new team. Fisker also announced other new management changes including Joseph Chao as CEO of China and Asia, and Alberto Gonzalez as Vice President of Manufacturing. In recent months Fisker has also brought on Jim Yost as CFO, Barny Koehler as Co-Founder and Chief Business Development Officer, and Richard Beattie as Chief Commercial Officer.

Recently incorporated in the U.S., Gridquant, a startup created by Spanish software development firm Grupo AIA, has new formulas for power flow modeling that can make grid calculations more accurate. In July, the company announced that Battelle joined as a new partner to help bring their technology to a larger audience. Battelle invested an undisclosed amount in the company and will be the exclusive provider of consulting services for utilities wanting to implement the technology.

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