CleanTech OC Daily - 8/22/12

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Waste Management, who has a focus in the trash-to-energy space, has invested in Renmatix, a company that turns biomass into sugars for making fuels and other chemicals. Waste Management has plans to use Renmatix’s technology to convert trash into sugars in order to replace petroleum for making plastics and other products.

In an election year, jobs are a hot topic. Paired with energy as another important topic, energy sector jobs are being discussed more now than ever before. Forbes breaks down energy jobs in to two categories: investment jobs (manufacturing, construction, and installation) and operating jobs – both equally important to the lifespan of the industry.

The Algae Biomass Organization (ABO) had a victory earlier this month when the Senate Finance Committee approved a bill that would extend a cellulosic biofuel tax credit to include algae fuels. The ABO has been lobbying Congress for the past few years to extend the credit to include algae. Given this boost, algae biofuels could become a $1.6 billion industry by 2015, according to a recent report by SBI.

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