CleanTech OC Daily - 10/5/12

Friday, October 5, 2012

Firefly LED, in Austin, Texas, is aiming to provide the consumer with an LED bulb that lasts 40 years and, even when the bulb needs to be changed, a small LED inside the exterior bulb is all that needs to be swapped out. The new patent-pending technology could reduce electricity costs in your house by 90%. Firefly LED’s  "Smart LED" bulbs feature a large heat-sink surrounding the unit, which moves heat away from the bulb and reduces the temperature by 32%, thereby prolonging the life of the bulb.

Windstrument is hoping to bring wind energy to the urban environment with their unconventional turbine which can be rooftop or pole-mounted.  According to the company, the shape and design of the turbine enables it to function in turbulent wind conditions and also provides bird and human-safe power at lower heights and in urban settings.

At the Automotive Press Association luncheon in Detroit earlier this week, Fisker Automotive’s CEO Tony Posawatz said he’d like to take the company public. There have also been discussions about bringing the more affordable Atlantic to market. Posawatz went on to say that he acknowledges past mishaps but is pleased that the public seem to be recognizing improvements.

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