CleanTech OC Daily - 9/25/12

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

With a vested interest in building out the charging infrastructure, one of the industry’s biggest barriers, Tesla has installed its “Supercharger” rapid car charging network (powered by SolarCity’s solar technology) at an initial six locations throughout California. The stations will be free “indefinitely” for Model S owners.

PanTerra Energy has become the first private company to be registered with the Public Utility Commission as a geothermal utility in Colorado. The cost of the technology has kept it out of the mainstream for some time but PanTerra is offering a power purchase agreement that allows institutions to get geothermal without spending the  money to build the system. How are they able to do this? PanTerra owns and operates the infrastructure.

A new wind turbine design from Keuka Rim Drive features a direct-drive generator powered by the outside rim of the turbine instead of harvesting power at the hub of the turbine. The inventors say that he design has potential for large-scale offshore wind power installations and will eventually transform the offshore industry.

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