CleanTech OC Daily - 5/9/12

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Siemens has introduced an eHighway concept, which involves trucks powered by electricity from electric lines over the road, a concept that city buses, streetcars, and regional rail lines already use all over the world. The news of the concept was announced Electric Vehicle Symposium in Los Angeles last week and will surely take an infrastructure investment to make it a reality. Pilot projects are planned for the Port of Los Angeles, and Long Beach, Calif.

A new report, “Darkest Before Dawn,”  from McKinsey (a global consulting firm) shows why solar power may have reached a tipping point. Three crucial factors, with charts to illustrate the claims, are giving the solar industry great momentum – cost reduction, increased competition, and improved technologies.

Consumer backlash against new digital meters is slowing U.S. utilities’ $29 billion upgrade effort. Some states, including California, have responded to customer concerns about higher bills and safety by offering them the option of keeping their conventional devices for an extra fee, a fee that the utility hopes will deter consumers from dropping out of using the smart meter program.

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