CleanTech OC Daily - 5/3/12

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Amidst hard times for greentech, digital green startups emerge
Early-stage green-focused startups are becoming rare these days amidst hard times for greentech. However, the green digital-focused accelerator Greenstart in San Francisco included a grouping of startups looking for their first round of funding who focused on using software to change energy and transportation.

The Green Button, a White House initiative, is quickly catching on across the nation. On Wednesday, the Green Button initiative announced additional participants, including energy management and efficiency companies, as well as more large utilities.

Researchers at McGill University in Canada have been looking into the idea of “instant” geothermal energy, and they estimate that geothermal energy from abandoned mines could serve about a million homes. The basic idea behind the process includes flooding old mines with water and allowing the rock to heat up which results in “instant” geothermal energy.

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