CleanTech OC Daily - 5/10/12

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Honda has just unveiled a demonstration home in Japan that is powered by solar panels, has a 92% efficient gas-fired generator, and a rechargeable home battery unit. The house is a test platform for the Honda Smart Home System (HSHS), which is designed to allow users to secure their own energy supply, and mobility, during an emergency.

While new LED bulbs are released pretty regularly, some interesting technology keeps the conversation moving in an exciting direction. The new GE 100-watt bulb is able to breath to keep the lamp from overheating -  technology called SynJet was designed by Nuventix to be used in electronics that need directed cooling, the company worked with GE to create a miniature version for its bulb.

Forbes recently interviewed U.S. Energy Secretary Steven Chu who believes that “super machines” will play a role in new product design and solving energy challenges. Chu commented on the major progress that has been made in supercomputing and that machines are now a million times more powerful than the average PC.

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