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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Fourth Annual CTOC Conference!! 
Don't wait any longer! RSVP NOW for your Early Bird Special Tickets! The Early Bird Special ends on August 26th So RSVP now!

Want to be an Exhibitor at the CTOC Conference in September?
If you or your company are interested in being an exhibitor at our Fourth Annual CleanTech OC Conference on September 16th, Please click the link above to E-mail Scott directly!

Surf Company Goes Green in the Deep Blue Sea
Volcom is helping to sponsor an "Ocean Friendly" event called A Deep Blue Surfing Event that shows a clear path for reducing environmental impact as a pro surfer and tying in the local community. They plan to incorporate local contests in different areas of environmental sustainability and waste management. As well as teach the community signs that the ocean teaches us about different environmental factors.

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