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Monday, June 10, 2013

San Onofre Shut Down - What's Next??
San Onofre accounted for 9% of energy used in California. Because it is being shut down, energy is going to be tight in Los Angeles, Orange and San Diego Counties. Southern California shouldn't be expecting brown-outs or planned blackouts - as long as everyone responds to the energy conservation warnings. There are many energy producing buildings under construction now, and even more that will be under construction within the next year, so Southern California will not be under the energy conservation watch for long.

Residential Solar: Clouding Utilities' Future?
With so many people paying the money to switch from using regular utilities to going fully solar powered, many companies are unsure where their company stands in the future.

Nominate Your Local Heroes!
This year, CleanTech OC is a proud sponsor of Cox Conserves Heroes! Nominate your local heroes and volunteers that are helping to create, preserve and enhance our local outdoor community!

City of Santa Ana Installing LED's
Santa Ana will be installing more than 1000 LED lights which will save money and energy. The project is said to cost an estimated $700,000 and will use less than half of the energy that is currently being used to produce the same amount of light.

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