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Monday, June 3, 2013

Southern California Homeowners Get Cash for Going Green
Southern California homeowners are going to start getting rebates from Southern California Edison for making green changes to their homes. The greener the homes are, the more money the families will recieve! This is a huge incentive to start getting SoCal families to go green and remain green.

Los Angeles Tops the List for Energy Efficient Buildings
LA has topped the EPA's list of cities with the most Energy Star labeled buildings this past year. These Energy Star buildings use an average of 35 percent less energy each year, creating one of the most energy sustainable cities in the United States.

First Los Angeles Unified School District School That has 100% Renewable Energy
Canoga Park School is the first school in the LA unified school district that will have 100% clean and renewable solar energy due to newly installed solar panels.Within the next 6 months, another 6 schools within this school district will receive these solar panels as well.

Despite Capital Gains Increase, There's a Break for Start-Up Businesses
Through all of the tax turmoil that comes with opening a business, Congress has recently changed the laws to benefit small business owners. Taxes have been decreased heavily in the hopes that people will start their own businesses and fuel the economy by creating new jobs.

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