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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Lux Capital closes $245M third fund, remains committed to energy tech
Lux Capital has closed its third fund of $245 million will continue its current model of investing about a third of its funds into energy tech, a third in information technology and a third in health and biotechnology. The continued interest in the sector is mainly due to some of Lux’s portfolio companies which appear to be doing quite well. While Lux is fully aware that there has been a negative sentiment towards the cleantech market, they still see substantial innovation ahead around energy and resources.

The DOE and the US Treasury announced the availability of $150 million tax credits for clean energy. The Advanced Energy Manufacturing Tax Credits are designed for clean energy and energy efficiency manufacturing projects across America and were created by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act to drive investment in domestic, clean energy and energy efficiency.

At the Cleantech Investor Summit, David Sandalow, the acting U.S. Secretary of Energy, laid out some of the most important trends that the DOE is paying very close attention to in the energy sector in 2013:

1). Grid resiliency and modernization
2). Low cost natural gas
3). The dropping cost of solar
4). Electric vehicles
5). High performance computing and big data
6). Clean energy financing
7). China

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