CleanTech OC Daily - 1/15/13

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

“Advanced energy” is an over trillion-dollar market, and actually grew in 2012
Is “advanced energy” the new hot term to describe the industry? If so, the numbers don’t look as bad as they did for “cleantech” in 2012. The Advanced Energy Economy Institute (AEEI) released a report via Pike Research that states that “advanced energy” is a $1 trillion sector and grew 19% in 2012. What is “advanced energy?” According to AEEI - next-generation energy technologies, efficient transportation technology, to synthetic fuels, gas turbines, and more efficient land use. In summation, “advanced energy” technologies make energy consumption and generation “more secure, clean, and affordable.”

A report by San Francisco-based Vote Solar Initiative states that a California incentive program that encourages rooftop solar installations could generate $92 million worth of benefits for state residents. The program is eligible to customers of the three largest investor-owned utilities in the state, however, there is debate over whether the program places unfair financial burdens on utilities and ratepayers who don’t have solar equipment installed on their rooftops. Additional criticism stems from the cost of solar equipment, often pricey and these only affordable mostly to the affluent.

The U.S. will build the first utility-scale, grid-connected test site for wave energy in coastal Oregon. The Pacific Marine Energy Center (PMEC) will provide companies a patch of water and the infrastructure to test their devices. Last September, the DOE seeded the effort to build the PMEC with a $4 million grant, to be matched by outside funds. More funding will be needed over the coming years to complete the center which was modeled after the highly successful European Marine Energy Centre in Scotland.

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