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Thursday, April 4, 2013

For energy tech, the boring stuff (business model innovation) will be key
Tuesday's big announcement from Tesla was not a new electric car model, as expected. The company instead announced a new financing option for its Model S that includes a lease/ownership hybrid. This move shows that Tesla is attempting to innovate around its business model. SolarCity is also trying new approaches to energy financing by pioneering leases for solar panels for rooftops. Business model innovation is becoming more important in today's energy tech market, and it's not just Musk-associated companies that are taking action.

Offshore Wind Power: Huge Potential Goes Largely Untapped
Record wind power installations were made last year, but not a single offshore wind farm has been completed in the U.S. While several are planned, and even some are in-the-works, there is great potential for offshore wind power. Presently wind power provides just 3.46 percent of all the electricity generated in the U.S. - a small number with great room for expansion.

Digital Lumens Brings Smart LEDs to Hazardous Locations
Digital Lumens, an intelligent lighting company focused primarily on the industrial sector, is focusing their business on lighting hazardous environments such as chemical plants, fuel processing facilities, and dusty grain operations. The company is proposing to use smart LEDs, a perfect option for these locations, and has just released nine new types
of LED fixtures for hazardous locations.

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