CleanTech OC Daily - 6/4/12

Monday, June 4, 2012

Nanosolar prints solar panels onto sheets of aluminum foil, grabs $70M
Nanosolar has developed a way to print solar cells as thin as a sheet of aluminum foil and announced today it has raised $70 million in equity from new and existing investors. Unlike the typical solar panel, Nanosolar doesn’t base its design on semiconductors but prints copper, indium, gallium, selenium and nanoparticle inks on to thin pieces of aluminum foil to create very thin and inexpensive solar panels.

The Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC) summarizes wind power growth and cumulative installed wind power capacity in countries around the world year after year – CleanTechnica goes on to enhance the findings with what the top countries are per capita, per GDP, and per GWh or TWh of electricity production. The top 10 countries for MW per million people are:
  1. Denmark — 693.14
  2. Spain — 469.28
  3. Portugal — 386.59
  4. Ireland — 355.47
  5. Germany — 355.00
  6. Sweden — 312.79
  7. Canada — 151.22
  8. Greece — 151.01
  9. USA — 149.58
  10. New Zealand — 140.56
Renewable Energy Finance Laws Passed
On Wednesday, the House of Representatives passed laws to create a government company to hand out $10 billion for renewable energy. The Clean Energy Finance Corporation, a crucial part of the Labor-Greens deal for the carbon tax, will provide financial backing for renewable energy start-ups that can't get private backing. The corporation also will be forced to ensure a return on its investment ends up back in government coffers.

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