CleanTech OC Daily - 5/29/12

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Kurion acquires nuclear to glass cleanup tech
Kurion, a startup that has developed technology that cleans up nuclear waste announced on Monday that it has acquired the assets of Impact Services (called GeoMelt), and the licenses from a company called GeoSafe (owned by Battelle), and all this intellectual property covers technology that turns nuclear waste into glass.

Rethinking Data Center Cooling for Serious Savings
The cost of cooling your data center can be significant if you're not able to use the cool, ambient air of your natural surroundings. SM Group International, an international engineering firm based in Montreal, is addressing cooling methods with claimed savings up to 50 percent. SMi Group’s patent-pending technology is how to go about lifting heat off of the computers, not a new technology at all.

US Army Building Its Own Clean-Power Grids
The U.S. armed forces has recently focused more on renewable energy technologies that could help reduce its dependence on fossil fuels. Army engineers are currently working to develop renewable-energy based microgrids that can work independently of traditional grid power in order to provide greater security for ground troops in remote areas.

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