CleanTech OC Daily - 12/20/12

Thursday, December 20, 2012

As we look back at 2012, GigaOM shares a list of the 10 best and worst things for cleantech over the past year. Among the good: Tesla, low solar prices, green IT, and the collision of big data and energy. Low points included a decrease in cleantech investing, struggling EV market, slow-moving battery innovation, and a politicization of the industry. Check out the article for the complete lists.
On Wednesday, in move hailed by energy efficiency enthusiasts, President Obama signed the American Energy Manufacturing Technical Corrections Act (H.R. 6582) in to law. The highlights of the bill, which were listed by the Alliance to Save Energy, include:
·        Coordination of research and development of efficiency technologies for industry
·        A study of barriers to industrial electrical efficiency
·        Best practices for advanced metering in the federal government
·        Disclosure of energy and water usage by federal facilities
·        Technical corrections and specific fixes to recently-enacted standards
·        Uniform treatment of conventional and tankless water heaters
·        Clarification of periodic review of commercial equipment standards and of DOE’s response to petitions regarding standards
A group of 29 bi-partisan politicians on Capitol Hill are working on changes to the US tax code that could help to boost renewable energy projects. Reuters reported last week that the proposed changes would give renewable energy projects “special” tax treatment through master limited partnerships (MLP’s). According to the group, the MLP could also be a way to boost cleantech investment.

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