Tuesday, February 28, 2012

KPMG and SAM are pleased to announce the 2012 edition of the SAM Sustainability Yearbook which contains sustainability insights into 58 industry sectors. The leading companies in these sectors are classified into three categories – SAM Gold Class, SAM Silver Class and SAM Bronze Class – with special status awarded to Sector Leaders and Sector Movers.

Why should you download the Yearbook? With the increasing importance of sustainability on corporate agendas, leading companies:

Understand that taking a sustainable approach to business creates value for shareholders as well as other stakeholders
Use sustainability strategies to drive innovation and create competitive edge
See implementing sound sustainability strategies as a way to attract investors who are increasingly favoring companies with effective sustainability strategies
Recognize that sustainability impacts the bottom line of every business, and
Continue to aspire to higher sustainability standards.

Silver Spring triples revenues, while waiting for IPO
Silver Spring Networks, a smart grid networking firm, has generated $237.05 million in revenue from large companies all while waiting on a stalled IPO.

Envia Systems is a startup working on a new lithium ion battery technology that could eventually lead to an electric car that has a 300-mile range and could cost around $25,000. Still in the prototype stage, the new battery is 2.5x more energy dense than current lithium ion batteries.

California has a goal of generating 1/3 of its power from renewables by 2020, but this could be slowed due to state mandates. 80 percent of the state’s power falls to the California Independent System Operator Corporation (the ISO), as such, it must meet the strict guidelines set by state and federal authorities – potentially a tall order to keep CA on the 1/3 renewable power by 2020 track.