Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Apple reveals big solar, fuel cell plans for data center

On top of the recently announced plan to build a major solar array in North Carolina, Apple also has plans to build a massive fuel cell farm at its data center that will use biogas. Why North Carolina? The state has dirtiest electrical grids in the country and some of the cheapest power around.

Southern California Edison's 8MW Li-Ion Batter for Wind Power Storage

A new battery storage system is now being installed and is scheduled to go operational late in 2012, after at least 24 months of testing. The battery boasts a more energy-dense technology  and will be the first such device to be used in a smart grid application.

Governor Jerry Brown wishes to obtain 1/3 of the state’s power from renewables by 2020, but resistance may prevent utility-scale solar progress. In order to gain public appeal for the project, a poll of desert communities found overwhelming approval for development, but did not adjust for the proximity of respondents to proposed projects. A dialog is underway, but the debate is far from over.