CleanTech OC Daily - 7/2/12

Monday, July 2, 2012

More Deals for Clean Energy
Clean Energy Fuels Corp. shares rose nearly 4% on Friday afternoon after the Seal Beach-based company announced deals to provide natural gas to five major fleet operators. Clean Energy is the largest builder and operator of natural gas stations in the U.S. and next year the company will add 150 stations in 33 states.

The results from a global trial of LED street lights confirm that the fixtures can offer savings of up to 85% over incumbent technologies. The pilot program, called LightSavers, was launched by The Climate Group in 2009 tested 533 LED lamps in 15 trials in 12 cities. Findings were co-released by The Climate Group, Philips, and HSBC who collectively had a goal to accelerate the market adoption of outdoor LED lighting and smart-lighting controls.

Storms recently knocked out Amazon’s web services, affecting major AWS customers like Netflix, Instagram and Pinterest. This issue begs the question – should large data center operators look in to off-grid options? Some Internet players are experimenting with generating their own power onsite for parts of their data centers and using the grid partly as backup power. To that point, eBay announced that they plan to power an extension of its data center in Utah with 30 fuel cells from Bloom Energy which would make that section of the data center grid independent.

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