CleanTech OC Daily - 6/25/12

Monday, June 25, 2012

Start-up Nest announced today that Texas energy service provider Reliant has started offering its learning thermostat through one of its energy efficiency programs where customers that sign up for the two-year program get a Nest. Breaking in to the utility world is a big deal for Nest who see utilities as a way to distribute their product on a large scale.

Investing in green technology has slowed in recent years but investors still remain to navigate a changing market. Common trends now show less solar and more consumer-focused technologies and electric vehicle investments have remained steady. Goldman Sachs is proof that investors still remain in greentech, the company recently announced a $40 billion fund for greentech investments.

Rio+20 recently brought 50,000 passionate people together all focused on restoring the planet. While the official document leaders signed at the end of the conference showed a lack of ambition given the magnitude of the challenges ahead, Rio+20  was a chance to share, celebrate, and expand on those solutions.

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